Yuk JiDam and Kang Daniel’s Rumored Past Relationship Causes Online Stir

It turns out that rapper Yuk JiDam and Wanna One member Kang Daniel might have dated in the past.
Rumors have surfaced online recently and Yuk JiDam’s Instagram account has been buzzing with noise ever since she responded to a fanfiction that contained some controversial elements.
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She stated that whoever was responsible for writing the fanfiction was more deranged than herself.
The fanfiction allegedly contains real information about Yuk JiDam and Kang Daniel’s past. According to the statements of the South Korean rapper, the quote “Spring…Like winter when you’re not smiling…But true to yourself when you smile…” was something that Kang Daniel has said to her in the past.
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Many Wanna One fans have direct messaged Yuk JiDam and demanded proof that she dated Kang Daniel. She has as of yet only responded by saying she has ‘tons’ of proof.
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