yang se jong + woo do hwan up for summer sageuk

yang se jong + woo do hwan up for summer sageuk
Wow. Nice casting, JTBC. Yang Se Jong and Woo Do Hwan are apparently confirmed for summer sageuk drama, My Country, in 2019. The two play best friends who turn enemies after a misunderstanding and as all K-dramas go, they end up fighting over one woman. I’m intrigued about the female lead… Kim Sae Ron, please?????? Haha.
Anyway, I compared the two actors some time ago, noting their breakout roles were dark and gritty and they somehow faltered in romantic settings. I heard Yang Se Jong was good in his previous drama with Shin Hye Sun, but honestly, these two excite me more when they are veer away from the lovey-dovey. I hope My Country would strike a meaningful balance between love and everything else… Advertisements


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