Wonder Girls’ Yenny and 2AM’s Jinwoon confirmed to be dating!

Wonder Girls’ Yenny and 2AM’s Jinwoon confirmed to be dating for 2 years!
On September 20, an exclusive report was given by media outlet Sports DongA stating that Yenny and Jinwoon have been dating for 2 years.
The reports stated how the two became senior-junior relationship turned into lovers.
Yenny and Jinwoon were both from JYP Entertainment at that time, and they had a close sunbae-hoobaes relationship that led them to start dating in 2014.
Although Jinwoon left JYP Entertainment in 2015, their relationship was not affected.
They also stated that the two have similar taste in music that’s why they develop feelings for each other as they help one another when they are creating music.
JYP Entertainment and Mystic Entertainment also confirmed the news after clarifying it with their artists.
Congratulations to the new public couple!


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