Why Did Bella Hadid Put on G-Dragon’s Ball Cap?

It’s on you to judge if the dating rumor is true or not. But first thing first, you need to see cross-checking, here. Do you remember the Kwai video clip including Lee JuYeon with G-Dragon? Many fans who watched it thought that two of them are just close friends. Because there have been no connecting links between this beauty and G-Dragon. 
However, some fans who felt something, started to dig their SNS. Surprisingly, too many photos have enough clues to make us believe they are dating. For now, YG Entertainment and BETTER Enetertainment are denying the dating rumor or just announcing ‘No comment’. A number of netizens are pointing out that YG Entertainment’s ‘No comment’ is a significant sign that shows it’s true. 
Then, what makes people believe GD and Lee JuYeon have a relationship? Check out them, right now! 1. Hawaii in October, 2016
GD and Lee JuYeon posted similar photos with the similar angles on Instagram around the same time in October 2016. 
Lee JuYeon’s IG, G-Dragon’s IG

Lee JuYeon’s IG, G-Dragon’s IG
2. At the same restaurant, in November 2016
In the same year, 2016, Lee JuYeon posted the photo, which seems to be taken at the restaurant with the red lighting. On the same day, G-Dragon posted his photo which seems to be taken at the same restaurant on his Weibo. 
Lee JuYeon’s IG, G-Dragon’s Weibo
3. Jeju island
Lee JuYeon’s IG, G-Dragon’s IG

Lee JuYeon posted the photo on her IG and G-Dragon posted the photo which was taken at the same place in Jeju island on the same day. And the photo which captured G-Dragon and his companies traveling the ShinHwa World, where GD cafe and YG Town were established was revealed. You can see the girl on the left side is Lee JuYeon. theqoo.net
4. GD & Lee JuYeon’s LOVE-stagram
G-Dragon posted the photo, ‘LIVE LOVE MAKE Memories’ on October 15th on his IG. After the Kwai video clip was released and sparked the dating rumor, Lee JuYeon posted a photo and wrote a caption, “Live love make memories”. What can this mean?

Lee JuYeon’s IG
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October 26, 2017 Do you know the cafe, Monsant De Aewol, that G-Dragon runs in JeJu? This spot is a hot place for not only his fans, but also stars. G-Dragon’s Monsant De Aewol is the topic recently because of the incident cause by a guest. The visitor who broke GD’s chandelier, which costs $ 25 million. Some netizens are criticizing the visitor and also writer’s ungrateful attitude toward paying a small fee after breaking such an expensive object and condemning GD of asking him/her for any money.
Meanwhile, to most travelers in Jeju island, GD’s Monsant De Aewol is must-see place for its an amazing sea view from inside of the cafe. Even in JTBC‘s “Hyori’s Homestay”, Monsant De Aewol appeared, again. 
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Who else visited G-Dragon’s splendid cafe in Jeju island? 1. EXO’s SeHun
2. EXO’s ChanYeol

A post shared by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on Oct 18, 2016 at 5:20am PDT

3. Beenzino
4. SoYou
SoYou’s SNS
5. Dasom
Dasom’s SNS
6. Heize
7. Jo Kwon
8. Nam TaeHyun

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October 25, 2017 A post from a traveler created a debate on whether it was right for G-Dragon to act a certain way.  On October 2nd, a traveler who visited G-Dragon’s cafe in Jeju island wrote a post. 
Nate Pann

I broke the chandelier in G-Dragon’s cafe which costs about three hundred million won.
GD asked be to pay for the repair fee and he would pay for the chandelier components. 
I always like TaeYand more than GD!
I guess I would have to pay 300,000 to 500,000 won to repair that…
Doesn’t my accident count in the insurance…?

The post had numerous comments, but it mainly divided into two sides. One supported GD and criticized the writer for writing cynically although it was the writer’s fault. They say, it was very kind of GD to only ask him of the repair fee when he could have asked for the whole fee including the fee for the new components. Also, they are very unhappy about the writer’s ungrateful attitude towards paying a small fee after breaking such an expensive object and condemning GD of asking him/her for any money. 
However, on the other side, there were comments that supported the writer’s side. They said that the chandelier was placed where a lot of people passed by but there was no sign to be careful of. Also, they say that it isn’t the writer’s duty to pay for anything because if the writer has gotten hurt by chandelier breaking (which he hasn’t), it would be GD’s duty to pay for his hospital fee. Though the writer was not injured, it is still not his duty to pay for any fee. 
The debate is still going on and more people are joining in to share their opinion. However, most comments seem to support GD’s side. Whether the writer paid the fee or not is still unknown. 
Number_GGG / The Noun Project / DC Gallery

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