where does love begin…

where does love begin…
20th Century Boy and Girl is such a sweet, sweet show. It is mildly contemplative, but the narrative still moves with a nifty pace. The four episodes this week revealed a little more of Ji Won’s background, and I was almost moved to tears about the reason behind the “August Christmas”. Now we have Lee Sang Woo’s Anthony coming into the picture to disrupt the budding reconciliation between the ex-high school lovers since Anthony and Ji Won are stepbrothers. Yup, it does get complicated.
The thing is, Anthony and Ji Won obviously do get along fine and are fond of each other, and I don’t wanna see the bromance wrecked!!! I suspected Anthony was Ji Won’s stepbrother since I could recognise Lee Sang Woo’s voice when Ji Won chatted Anthony over the phone. Haha. I already love the fact that Ji Won’s stepfamily is genuine and down-to-earth. Ji Won’s stepfather is an honest-to-goodness kind person who understands and cares for his stepson.
It is evident that Ji Won’s appreciates, respects and has grown to love his stepfather though he can’t bring himself to call him “Father”. I thought it was sweet that Anthony wasn’t angry when Ji Won struggled with addressing his father, and instead stepped in makes things easier for his younger bro. It’s cool that the writer didn’t make Anthony spoilt, arrogant or mean-spirited, but a decent human being who is nice to his stepmom, and dotes on Ji Won, even when they are adults.
Jin Jin and her two girlfriends are such fun-loving, adorable characters in their own right, and their friendship is the best thing there is. I was so tickled with Jin Jin’s rather realistic and relatable reactions when she found out Ji Won was “married”, and subsequently empathised with her churlish frustration at the fact that he knows her inside out. HA. The perils of having your childhood friend as your high school boyfriend. You can’t get away with faking feelings and murder. Even 17 years later after a lengthy separation. Some things never and will change.
But emotions are a queer thing altogether. While Jin Jin buried feelings for Ji Won have been stirred by Ji Won’s his reappearance, there is nothing more awesome than doing a “We Got Married” variety show withh your fave idol oppaaaaaaa! It’s a fangirl’s dream come true!!! Even better since Anthony and Jin Jin are both adults now and not caught up by all the unsavoury trappings of being popular idols. Anthony is probably a couple of years older than Jin Jin, and I’m sure they were “practising” idols in the past together at some point.

It would be super cute if young Anthony had liked young Jin Jin, but held back because of unknown reasons. It would be cute to see some of their past interactions. I do think Anthony is already halfway interested in her because he was watching her interview on TV rather intently and mentally taking notes on her views on love. And I love that tiny smile he gave to Jin Jin at the end of Episode 8.
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I’m pretty sure the end game would be Jin Jin and Ji Won, but it would be nice if they earned their way to a happy ending and not solely because of lingering remnants of a high school romance. Though I thought it was so quaint when Jin Jin related that love for her starts by watching a movie with a person you are interested in – your heart pounding as you sneak peaks at the other person, wondering if he is as nervous as you when you bump fingers while reaching for popcorn, whether he/she is going to hold your hand in the cover of darkness, etc. It is such a teenage thing but it definitely brought back fond memories of my own dating teenage years! The fact that Jin Jin still thinks that falling in love is triggered this way shows that she has never really moved on from the past – or she never had the luxury to properly experience falling in love after becoming an idol-actress.
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The writer certainly has a couple of tricks up her sleeve, with Anthony and Ji Won being stepbrothers and enjoying an amicable relationship, plus Jin Jin having valid reasons to fall for both of them. I’m also keen on seeing Ji Won slowly coming to terms with accepting his stepfather as a father figure in his life.
Kim Ji Suk and Han Ye Seul are aptly cast and effortlessly charming in their roles, and I would think most of the audience wouldn’t have difficuly forming a connection with them since they both exude natural, easy warmth. Both actors have no problems code switching between melo and comedy, and so far are holding up nicely in the emotional department and fostering the right kind of chemistry.
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Kim Mi Kyung is great as usual – she is never not great – as Jin Jin’s worry wart of a mom, with the actresses playing Jin Jin’s sidekicks adding a healthy dose of sparkly humour and liveliness. Lee Sang Woo is always dependable but it would be interesting to see whether he can give Kim Ji Suk a run for his money. As a reader commented, Ji Won is tailor made for Kim Ji Suk.
Oh man, I can’t wait for next week’s episodes where Ji Won finds out his new “sis-in-law” is Jin Jin, knowing that Jin Jin has been nursing a major crush on Anthony since her teenage years. Haha, oh the petty jealousy that is going to sprout from this! I doubt Anthony knows that Jin Jin is Ji Won’s unforgettable first love, which makes it even funnier if Ji Won is going to go all green-eyed monster on him. Heh. For Jin Jin, it is a choice between heaven and haven. That and she’s gonna discover that Ji Won isn’t married at all… but what’s with the wedding picture???



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