VIXX’s Ken, Uhm Ki Joon, And More Confirmed For “Jack The Ripper”

“Jack the Ripper” has finalized its cast! On December 27, the upcoming musical revealed its starring cast and their individual posters. “Jack the Ripper” will be celebrating its 10th anniversary through a special commemorative run starting on January 25 at the Woori Art Hall in Seoul Olympic Park. VIXX’s Ken, Uhm Ki Joon, Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee, Jung Dong Ha, and Choi Sung Won, will all be playing the lead role of the chivalrous surgeon named Daniel. Uhm Ki Joon, who played the role of Daniel at the very beginning of the musical’s run, decided to appear in the musical for its 10th anniversary in spite of his busy schedule. Actors Shin Sung Woo, Seo Young Joo, and Kim Beop Rae have been cast in the role of the serial killer Jack. Lee Gun Myung, Min Young Ki, Kim Joon Hyun, and Phillip Jeong have been cast for the part of Anderson, who chases Jack in the story. CSJH The Grace’s Stephanie and Kim Yeo Jin will play the role of Gloria, the ambitious woman who falls in love with Daniel, while Baek Joo Yeon and Sonya will play Anderson’s ex-girlfriend Poly. “Jack the Ripper” will run from January 26 to March 31 at the Woori Art Hall in Seoul Olympic Park. Source (1) (2) How does this article make you feel?Share it on


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