Tragedy and accusations begin in Revenge Returns

Tragedy and accusations begin in Revenge Returns
by tineybeanie

Another teaser is out for Revenge Returns, the high school sweethearts-turned-enemies drama, starring Yoo Seung-ho (I’m Not a Robot) and Jo Boa (Temperature of Love). Yoo Seung-ho plays Kang Bok-soo (literal translation: strong revenge), who is expelled from school when he’s framed as the perpetrator of a serious assault charge. Years later, he comes back to school to take his revenge on all the people who wronged him, including his first love, Jo Boa’s character.
The teaser starts out with the tragic fall of a student off the school rooftop as he shouts “Save me!” to Yoo Seung-ho. However, no one was around them, and it appears that everyone believes Yoo Seung-ho pushed the student off the roof. He desperately denies it, and we see flashback cuts of happier times of him with Jo Boa who clearly expresses her interest in him.
So when he’s accused, he goes to the one person he thinks will believe him, Jo Boa. But she doesn’t even look in his direction as he tries to push past the crowds, saying “You know it’s not me. Why are you lying?”
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An adult’s voice cuts in, harshly reminding Yoo Seung-ho of his reality now: “You’re still only a kid running from his past. An eighteen year old kid.” Perhaps those words planted a seed of determination in Yoo Seung-ho because we see him going back to the school where he was expelled despite Jo Boa’s taunts against him.
At the end of the teaser, the two meet again at the same school rooftop. Yoo Seung-ho greets Jo Boa brightly, “It’s been a long time. Has it been 9 years?” but inside, he’s thinking, “You’re going to regret that I’ve returned.”
As can be seen below, stills of Kwak Dong-yeon (My ID is Gangnam Beauty) have also been released. He plays the villain of the story, Oh Se-ho, who was originally Bok-soo’s friend, but now is the chairman of the school’s board of directors. Outwardly he smiles all the time and pretends to be gentlemanly, but inside, he suffers from an inferiority complex that leads to his love-hate relationship with Bok-soo, his peer who he saw was genuinely happy despite his low grades. Oooh, interesting… I’ve been wanting a Yoo Seung-ho-Kwak Dong-yeon bromance for a while.
Touted as an awkward but warm human romance, SBS Monday-Tuesday drama Revenge Returns will begin airing in two weeks. Well, I’m a sucker for Yoo Seung-ho and his puppy dog eyes so I’m just waiting for December 10 to come soon.

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