These K-Pop Idols Have Been Accused Of Being Vampires For Appearing In Photos Much Before Their Time

We will never know for sure if vampires exist in this world but some photos that we ran into on various online communities has gotten us questioning “what if”?
Photos taken decades of people who look almost identical to K-Pop idols have been the center of attention lately and you’ll be blown away by just how similar these historical people look to K-Pop idols we have today.
Check them out below! SuHo / Yi U
The man in the left is Yi U, a lieutenant colonel who served in the imperial Japanese army. He died during the bombing of Hiroshima. Or did he? Maybe he happened to be a vampire and changed his identity into a K-Pop idol? SeHun / Saint Steven
SeHun might have been a saint in the past and survived all these years to recreate himself as an EXO member.
SM Entertainment Sulli / NamHyang
NamHyang was a famous kisaeng (South Korean geisha) known for her beauty. One thing for sure is the kings of the past in South Korea had an eye for beautiful women.
Grazia EunHyuk / Matsudaira Katamori
Matsudaira Katamori was a samurai during the Edo era. Perhaps he got tired of killing people and practicing his swordsmanship, and decided to become a member of Super Junior?
YunHo / Megata Tanetaro
Megata Tanetaro was a tax collector and became a baron later on. We suspect his wealth bought him immortality and he became a member of TVXQ.
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