Sunmi Names The Most Memorable Parody Of “Gashina” For Her

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Sunmi shared which artist’s parody of her hit song “Gashina” was the most unforgettable for her.
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During her comeback showcase for “Heroine,” Sunmi said that PSY’s parody of “Gashina” was the most memorable, and talked about how his performance impressed her. She commented, “I saw the video of PSY’s parody, and he wore boots, a floral-patterned blouse, and shorts like I did. At the last part, fireworks shot out of his chest, so it was the most memorable parody for me.” Sunmi added, “There were so many people doing parodies that I promoted ‘Gashina’ while having fun watching them.”
Watch PSY’s version below!
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Sunmi released her new song “Heroine” on January 18, and it’s already topping realtime charts.
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