Secret Love Affair Crunchy Bites Ep. 9-10: From Sand, Chopin, Pogorelic to Aimez-vous Brahms

Secret Love Affair Crunchy Bites Ep. 9-10: From Sand, Chopin, Pogorelic to Aimez-vous Brahms Posted by Furbabe on April 18, 2014 · 1 Comment Two breathtakingly beautiful episodes, I must say. If my heart could explode, it would have already exploded from mixed feelings. And I’m sure I’m not the only one for having a heart attack because of this: The dangerous love-making scene
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rawrrrr! Secret Love Affair continues being the number one drama on its slot time of all TV cable programs this week. Ratings on Episode 10 is one of the highest, peaking to 5.3% (based on AGB Nielsen’s by-minute-ratings for big cities) during the broadcast. [Note: 1% ratings in cable network is equal to 5% ratings in national TV]. The survey from AGB Nielsen also reveals that Secret Love Affair viewers range is considered wide too. From mid-20s to early-40s female and 40s to 50s males watch this show. The piano concerto has been a hot topic among viewers and netizens for its mind-blowing performance, and Yoo Ah In spotted #1 Top Naver Real Time Search after the broadcast of episode 10. Well, who could resist such a beautiful acting, music and hotness all rolled in one scene like THIS? In addition to that, the camera placements, angles and movement techniques are just so brilliant, we feel that we watch a real concert. Eyegasm, eargasm. [embedded content] Now, as we’ve already learned from the beginning, this drama is not the kind of dramas that lay everything on the silver plate. There are many layers and references that viewers are compelled to dig the gold by themselves. But that’s what makes Secret Love Affair special and crunchy to bites. Just like previous episodes, episode 9 and 10 bring up some interesting “side stories” that might give some hints to where the journey of the two souls, Oh Hye Won and Lee Seon Jae, is heading to. 1) George Sand and Frédéric Chopin
On episode 9, Dean Min makes a reference to George Sand and Frédéric Chopin when he was talking to Professor Kang. He refers George Sand to Oh Hye Won, and Chopin to Lee Seon Jae.What makes him think so?
Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin (Aurore Dudevant), best known by her pseudonym George Sand (1804-1876), was a French novelist who was well-known for her romantic affairs with Frederic Chopin, six years her junior. She was a controversial personality at her time~ she wore man clothes and touted as the first modern liberated woman’ to quote Noel Gerson, one of her biographers. She successfully divorced her husband and kept control of her children at a time when such a course of action by a woman was almost unheard of.
Chopin was a child prodigy, and his art reached a new plateau in the late 1830s as a result of his involvement with George Sand. Some of his greatest works emerged as a result of the emotional contentment he felt in the early days of their nine-year liaison. To Chopin, Sand was his muse, while as any George Sand biography shows, Chopin was only one of many famous men in her life.
Chopin never stopped loving George Sand. Amongst his belongings, found after his death, was a small envelope inserted into the back of his diary. It was embroidered with the initials ‘G.F’ (‘George/Frederick’) and contained a lock of her hair. That’s just too sad. I hope Dean Min doesn’t think that Oh Hye Won only uses Seon Jae for her mere enjoyment as a sugar mommy, because that’s the label that Oh Hye Won objects and afraid of. 2) Ivo Pogorelić
According to Soompi’s Secret Love Affair thread, Dean Min also makes reference to Ivo Pogorelić, a Croatian pianist, which is not subbed by either Viki or Dramafever. I’m not sure if there’s something in common between Pogorelić and Lee Seon Jae other than both of them are genius.
In 1980, 22 years old Pogorelić entered the International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw and was eliminated in the third round. One of the adjudicators, Martha Argerich, proclaimed him a “genius” and resigned from the jury in protest. Pogorelić gave his début recital in New York’s Carnegie Hall in 1981. He debuted in London the same year. Since then, he has played many solo recitals worldwide and has played with some of the world’s leading orchestras.
Pogorelić’s performances have often been controversial. His interpretations were well received by a large number of concert audiences, but not by some critics. I wonder if Lee Seon Jae will have the same path as Pogorelić did. As of now, I’m just gonna take that Dean Min is impressed by Seon Jae’s interpretations which remind him of Pogorelić. 3. Aimez Vous Brahms
When Lee Seon Jae is in the practice room with Hye Won, he shows her a novel titled “Aimez-vous Brahms”. Aimez-vous Brahms is a novel by Françoise Sagan, first published in 1959. It was published in the USA in 1960, and was made into a film under the title Goodbye Again in 1961 starring Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Perkins. The plot concerns a middle-aged woman who leaves her long-standing lover for a relationship with a younger man.
I assume that by pointing the novel out, Seon Jae is actually suggesting Hye Won to leave her marriage and live together with him. However, Hye Won cuts him off quickly even before he finishes his line, giving me a thought that she doesn’t intend to break her marriage yet and leave her lavish world. Not around this time. Besides all the three references, there’s one “life reference” that Seon Jae keeps talking about, because he’s a fan of this person. It’s none other than the famous Korean and world renown pianist Son Yeol Eum. Surprisingly, Son Yeol Eum admitted recently, that she’s also watching the drama. She tweeted about this drama and even wrote a piece inspired by Secret Love Affair for a Sunday column last weekend.
Cecilia from Soompi gives a brief translations from her writing: Son Yeol Eum praised the actors’ acting, and said that even as someone in the industry, she was impressed by the acting during the performances or piano playing. She also felt grateful that the director and the writer believed in the power of music to have extended scenes where there is just music (and not much else happening). She gave examples of Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, who themselves, and their families sacrificed a lot and did so much for these composers to become who they were. Her point is that you can have talent that is out of this world but behind that there is sweat and blood.
Her concluding comment was that “if you still want to watch it though, you can just turn on the TV like me!” She also tweeted that she was grateful to the writer for making Seon Jae likes her. Lastly, she shouted out, “Secret Love Affair daebak!”
And once again, the impressive set of Secret Love Affair and the visual beauty of this drama are brought as the main topic in several news headlines this week. We’ve given how people admired Seon Jae’s realistic attic in our previous post. Now it reveals further that all the rooms turn out the built up sets, except for the Seo family’s house, which is a rented luxury mansion in a prestigious neighborhood.
(Source: Style) Secret Love Affair art director, Lee Ho Cheol, is the person in charge of these realistic sets. They built facade wall panels and fake walls in the toilets, bed rooms and some other rooms. Behind the walls you can see all the film props. They sprayed paint and sprinkled coffee to add the old effect in Seon Jae’s attic. As the signs of life, they built irregularities in wall, added music sheets and other old furniture/stuffs. The corner room with a sofa where Hye Won always sits every morning by the window, is also a built-up set. The scenery outside the window with natural sunlight is a well-planned design. The natural sunlight coming through the blinds gives the feeling of a real house.
Art Director Lee Ho Cheol is known for his work in a lot of dramas for small-angle layouts, which is perfect and suitable for Secret Love Affair directing approach that applies many new unique angles and takes indoor shooting a lot. And of course, besides the fabulous set of drama, the praises and compliments are raining down on the casts as well. That will be our next post :D Till then, let’s enjoy more photos in our Facebook Album, and the very recommended discussions in Soompi. © Yoo Ah In International Fans Community
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