Reasons Why K-Pop Sucks

As K-Pop fans, you’d know very well about both the good and the bad side of the industry.
We love the idols, their personality, their music, their performances, and the moments where we can see their human side.
But like pretty much with anything in life, there are also the downsides of things. Things that have detrimental effects on our beloved idols. Dating Ban
Idols not being able to date is somewhat of a ridiculous concept. They’re young and beautiful, bound to meet someone who will be attracted to them and vice versa. South Korean society is partially to blame for this. Although the fans keep the idols alive, they also indirectly put limitations on their lifestyle as well. In the US, young celebrities dating is always a big issue but not something that arouses controversy and backlash. In a way, it shows the problems of South Korean society, which still has a long way to go. And it’s not just dating, but when idols try to hide their private life that causes problems. Fans take it the wrong way and think that their idols have lied to them. HyunA and Pentagon’s recent events have proven to be quite detrimental for those reasons. Strict Diet
If you think you can get away with a few extra pounds or two all the time, forget about being a K-Pop idol. If you fall out of expectations even just a little when it comes to body image, there are people who will get to you. Kyla of Pristin, Wendy of Red Velvet, and recently CL are a few examples of K-Pop idols who have been body shamed. Incidents like this all force K-Pop idols to maintain a strict diet to keep their bodies looking slim and fit at all times. In short, it’s just part of the job. Simple as that. No point in thinking about the values of fans and society. Competition
If you’ve kept up with Produce 48, you know how fierce the competition is in K-Pop. But the competition doesn’t just end with auditions, you’re constantly competing against other idols from other agencies once you make it and to do that, it involves a lot of politics. Slave Contracts
The topic of slave contracts has been discussed by K-Pop fans for quite some time now. Groups like JYJ, who are K-Pop superstars, have contested that they’ve been under an extremely unfair contractual agreement with SM Entertainment. While it’s true that a lot of large agencies have the advantage over any artist that they sign, it seems to be changing slowly for the better. Read More : Summary Of SM Entertainment’s Biggest Lawsuit


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