The Reason Why Letting Jeon SoMi Go Was An Option For JYP Entertainment

Jeon SoMi’s departure from JYP Entertainment came as quite a shock for fans as the recent news made headlines all over South Korea.
It’s no doubt that Jeon SoMi was a talented idol who many fans hoped to see in the upcoming debut of JYP Entertainment’s new girl group. Rumors of the new idol girl group have been circulating in K-Pop forums ever since 2017.
And according to reports from South Korea news agencies, JYP Entertainment intends to launch the new girl group before January 2019 at the latest. So how exactly does Jeon SoMi’s departure not become a setback for the entertainment agency?
It turns out that the center position that fans expected Jeon SoMi to partake, is in fact for none other than Shin RyuJin. JYP Entertainment released an official statement saying that preparations for the new girl group were coming along perfectly well with Shin RyuJin training as the center position.
In addition, JYP Entertainment has also revealed that another girl group which will consist entirely of Japanese idols will also launch by the end of 2019 at the earliest. Read More : GOT7 BamBam Is A Businessman? What You Didn’t Know About The K-Pop Idol