The Reason Why HwaSa of Mamamoo is Called Korean Beyonce

There are diverse body types of woman. Actually, all body types are different and it should be embraced. However, there are “trends of body type” in each country. In U.S, curvy and sexy bodies may be ideal, while in Korea, a lot of women prefer stick thinness. They’ve all got charms of their own. Celebs with curvy bodies look glamourous and mature, while girls with stick thinness have girlish, petite looks.
Here are some idols and celebs in Korea for each body types.
Though all bodies are beautiful, decide what kind to look you would like!
Girls with Curvy Body
Nate Pann
2nd – Lee HaNui, Actress
In Style
3rd – SoYou of SISTAR
BNT / Instiz
4th – HyunA
Clide N / Cube Entertainment
Girls with Stick Thin Body
1st – TaeYeon of SNSD
Nate Pann / MIXXO
2nd – IU
3rd – ARin of Oh My Girl
Namttok / topstarnews
4th – YoonA of SNSD

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January 23, 2017 AOA’s YuNa showed off her flawless body line in a recent photo shoot. YuNa captured the attention of many with her firm abs and body line in the February issue of Cosmopolitan. YuNa flawlessly pulled off bra top and leggings combination in the photos.
During the interview that followed the photo shoot, YuNa said “Starting is the hardest part of exercising. Once you feel your body change, you can’t help but become addicted to exercising. You see your body change a bit by bit every day, and you’ll want to exercise more every day.”, showing her passion for exercising.
On the topic of body line management, she said “The one golden rule I follow is avoiding eating at late night.”, giving out hints to her body management secrets.
AOA has recently released “Angel’s Knock”, and are performing promotional activities for “Excuse Me” and “Bing Bing”.


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