The Reason Why GOT7 Jackson Supports JYP’s Dating Ban

Fans of JYP Entertainment idol groups and K-Pop in general would know all about the dating ban that is put on idols.
GOT7 member Jackson recently talked about how he is all for the dating ban and why he agrees with it during an appearance on TV show ‘Radio Star’.
He stated that being in a relationship requires responsibility and that it requires a lot of attention. And being a K-Pop idol naturally means busy schedules and having to focus on one’s career. This makes it difficult to allocate responsibility into a relationship, thus Jackson sticking with the decision not to date until he is able to fully commit himself.
Radio Star
And in the video clip below, he states around at 7:43 that “Why on earth would I get myself in to a relationship when I can’t take care of myself? I need to be able to take care of the person I’m in a relationship with, but I can’t do that right now.”
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