The Reason Why BTS Didn’t Sound As Great As They Normally Do During MGA 2018

BTS‘s performance of ‘Fake Love’ with pop singer-songwriter Charlie Puth has been getting a lot of negative feedback from South Korean netizens lately.
Many have criticized the idol group of lacking professionalism and not having the vocal skills that they are made out to look like they have.
However, there may just be an explanation to this. It’s important because there are several performances in which BTS show that they are completely capable of throwing an amazing live performance.
One of the group’s producer, DOCSKIM, uploaded a post on Instagram claiming that the sound engineers for MGA 2018 played back the wrong mix track for their performance. This naturally would have unpleasantly surprised both BTS and Charlie Puth as they were expecting a different mix track to be played during the performance.
But given their reputation of exhibiting professionalism, both artists went on ahead and performed in unexpected circumstances, instead of stopping the concert until the right mix track was played for them. Read More : JYP Entertainment’s Future Plans Revealed, New Girl Group To Debut In 2019