preview: beauty inside episode 7

preview: beauty inside episode 7
What do you do when a man kisses you and acts like nothing happened after? Se Gye mulls over that question as Do Jae seemingly does that to her after their passionate interlude in the air traffic control tower. Do Jae is in unchartered territory as he confesses as much to Se Gye when they meet again on the hospital rooftop, “I’m not used to this. How can I say the words when I’m such a mess?” Se Gye being Se Gye answers, “Just say the words because I’m as messed up as you are.” I’m pretty sure Do Jae is referring to his condition and it’s the first time he reveals his inner turmoil about just how much his life is being impacted by his disorder. So much so he is afraid to love and be loved in return. Monday…. is too far away! Advertisements