Park Sung-woong joins Yoo Seung-ho in SBS’s legal thriller Remember

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Park Sung-woong joins Yoo Seung-ho in SBS’s legal thriller Remember

Well, if I know anything about dramaland, it’s that Park Sung-woong (Hidden Identity) makes everything better. He’s the latest addition to SBS’s new legal thriller drama Remember, the one that’s courting Yoo Seung-ho to headline. Between these two, there’s just going to be a whole lot of smoldering going on in this drama. The new Wednesday-Thursday series comes from award-winning writer Yoon Hyun-ho of the film The Attorney and PD Lee Chang-min of Birth of a Beauty (and second PD on Midas and Giant). It tells the story of a lawyer with hyperthymesia, a condition characterized by excessively detailed memory. Yoo Seung-ho is up for the lead role, a genius lawyer who learns to use his hyper-memory abilities to his advantage, despite their usually debilitating nature.
His father gets framed in a conspiracy plot and sentenced to death, so Yoo Seung-ho becomes a lawyer in order to clear Dad’s name. As he sets out to work the case, he’ll not only be racing against the clock to beat the death sentence, but also his own fading memory, the reasons for which aren’t clear yet. The drama will be about his race to prove Dad’s innocence before he loses all of his memories.
Park Sung-woong will play a lawyer as well — a man with a thick Kyungsangdo accent who became a lawyer for loan shark mobsters in order to escape a life of extreme poverty. But he rises above that life and becomes a lawyer at a law firm that saves people’s lives. He’s a dogged, resourceful character who always accomplishes what he sets out to do, and is a weed-like survivor with animal instincts.
The two characters will meet while working Dad’s case, and will both get swept up in the larger conspiracy at play. Park Sung-woong also carries a secret that Yoo Seung-ho doesn’t know, which will greatly affect how the two handle the case, causing tension and friction at every turn. It sounds like a tense plot with fleshed-out characters, each with their own conflicting backstories and motivations. And in the hands of two very capable, charismatic actors, I’ll probably be glued to my screen.
Remember follows Village: Secret of Achiara in December.
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