Park Seo Joon Manages To Steal Hearts While Studying His Script For “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”

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Park Seo Joon’s stunning visuals don’t fade even when he’s studying his script for “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”
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The tvN drama revealed behind-the scene stills of Park Seo Joon intensely studying his lines. In the photos, he is constantly holding his script and discussing his lines with the cast and crew in order to create a perfect scene. Park Seo Joon’s passionate studying of his script is directly linked to the drama’s key for popularity. Through his non-stop practice, he is able to perfect the narcissistic lines of his self-centered character and is being loved by viewers as the “cute vice president.” Not only is Park Seo Joon perfect with his lines, but his romantic gaze also makes hearts flutter.

The production crew stated, “Park Seo Joon is always focused on the script for character analysis. All of the staff members are completely amazed by his perfect transformation into Lee Young Joon.”
“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST.
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