Park Eun-bin joins EXO’s Kai in web drama Choco Bank

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Park Eun-bin joins EXO’s Kai in web drama Choco Bank

Are web dramas the future of scripted content and Hallyu, or is the industry just trying to make fetch happen? It’s hard to say with SO many web dramas in production these days, but so few of them breaking out of the pack to be very memorable. Well, I don’t suppose I have any problem with producers experimenting and putting out more content, and giving actors more work. I just want dramaland to hit upon how to make them to really work with the short format, which I think it’s still figuring out.
Choco Bank is the name of one web drama currently in the works, which started out by casting EXO idol Kai in a leading role. It has now cast Park Eun-bin as his co-star, and promises to depict a fresh romance and youthful struggles, centered around its two twentysomething leads. Choco Bank both appeals to my love of puns and makes me groan at it, because it’s a super literal title: The guy’s name is Eun Haeng (eun-haeng means bank) and the girl’s name is Ha Choco. Geddit? It’s both cute and lame, but it makes me smile. In the story, Choco is a bright, cheery young woman who runs a chocolate shop. Of course she does. Frankly I’m disappointed that Eun Haeng doesn’t work at a bank; instead, he’s unemployed and aiming to enter the workforce. The two meet in a chance encounter, and Eun Haeng ends up working with Choco, facing every situation that confronts him with determination.
I may be the opposite of the web drama’s target audience in that I know very little about Kai (readers, enlighten me!), but am perking up in interest about Park Eun-bin, because she is a really talented young actress with a promising career ahead of her, and I love her even if I haven’t loved her shows quite as much (Secret Door, Gu-am Heo Jun, Operation Proposal). I do think her skills are put to better use in nuanced, serious roles, but this sounds like a light, cute turn for both leads.
Choco Bank is planning to release online and on mobile platforms in mid-February.
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