[News/Drama] “Healer” Ji Chang Wook turns ambassador for Chungbuk Police

In a twist of fate, looks like Healer just went from wanted man to public relations “ambassador” for the Korean police.
The Chungbuk Provincial Police Agency was used as a filming location in episode 14 of the drama “Healer”, and the Chungbuk Police couldn’t afford to pass off this chance to rope in Ji Chang Wook to do some public service promotion for them.

Here, we see Ji Chang Wook and co-star Jo Han Cheol (who stars as Detective Yoon in “Healer”) posing with policemen of the Chungbuk department, pledging to provide better service to the residents of Chungbuk province.

The message reads “We will take responsibility for the safety of our citizens as a swift, accurate and friendly 112.” The “112” here is the emergency number that citizens use to contact the Chungbuk police.
They also appeared in a promotional video to spread the public service message, and also to show the agency’s support for the drama “Healer”.
[embedded content]
(Sorry, but I find the video unintentionally funny)
Note that I’m using the term “ambassador” rather loosely in this article, for lack of a better word. To set things straight, this is likely to be just a one-off promotional effort by Ji Chang Wook for the police force that happened simply because filming was done at the police station. Never mind that Healer is a thief, fugitive, and murder suspect in the drama. Riding on the fame of a popular star and drama is one way to raise public awareness for the police force.
This also means that he’s not an official ambassador for the police and it’s unlikely that you will see him appearing in advertising materials by the police, at least for the time being. Who knows if he really gets appointed as one in the future!
Credit:Chungbuk Provincial Police Agency 


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