Netizens Amazed By BTS Creator Bang SiHyuk’s Background Of Elite Family Members

You may know pretty much everything there is about global superstars BTS. But what about the producer and creator of the world-famous idol group?
Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang SiHyuk is no ordinary man. In fact, not many people know too much about the music producer’s background.
But your in luck, because information about the entertainment agency CEO has been circulating around on various online communities lately, and for a good reason too.
It turns out that Bang SiHyuk comes from a rich family who are also all academically distinguished. Yes, that means that he has the blings and the brains. You could say that with such combination, it’s not too surprising that he was able to create BTS. He is an alumnus of South Korea’s prestigious Seoul National University.
His father was a man of power as he was a high ranking government official. In addition, his sister is a high end jewelry designer, and his cousin is the founder of one of South Korea’s biggest online gaming company Netmarble. And all of his family members are alumni of South Korea’s most prestigious universities as well. His uncle is the director of a news agneyc, was an ambassador based in Hungary and is currently a member of a South Korean government party. Read More : BTS New York Citi Field Stadium Concert Sold Out Within Minutes