The Most Searched K-Pop Idol Groups On Naver

Naver, the ‘South Korean Google’, recently released the data for K-Pop idols that were most searched for in the year of 2018.
The numbers show which K-Pop idol groups are most popular at the moment in South Korea and you can already guess which ones are on top.
Have a look below!
BTS – 69,660,000
Wanna One – 22,740,000
TWICE – 19,240,000
Red Velvet – 16,530,000
IZ*ONE – 11,960,000
BLACKPINK – 11,070,000
EXO – 10,930,000
MAMAMOO – 8.970,000
BTOB – 8,660,000
iKON – 8,090,000 Read More : IZ*ONE vs. CLC, Fans Talk About Song That Was Originally Intended For Latter


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