Model That Looks Like Kim WooBin+Ryu JunYeol+Ahn JaeHyun Shocks Netizens

A South Korean model who apparently looks like all three of the nation’s most handsome men has been the talk of the month as he continues to capture the hearts of all the ladies in the online community with his well-above-average visuals.
Meet Park SunJae.
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The South Korean model first caught the attention of netizens back in 2017 when he first uploaded a photo of himself with the caption “Because it doesn’t look like me…”.
He was recently seen in the third season of ‘My Daughter’s Men’. While some may have forgotten about him, his appearance on the show reignited the frenzy that his visuals caused before in the past once more.
What’s interesting about this model is that he is able to resemble actors Kim WooBin, Ryu JunYeol, and Ahn JaeHyun depending on how he styles and grooms himself.
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What do you think? Does he resemble any of the three South Korean superstars? If so, which one of them does he resemble most? Read More : South Korean Cheerleader That Looks Like Irene of Red Velvet Shocks Netizens