MINO and BOBBY Talk About Dating

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During their interview, which took place at the YG Building in Mapo-gu, Seoul at 2 PM on September 12, MOBB talked about dating.
BOBBY said, “I’m not saying dating isn’t important. But, I have a lot of things to do and a lot of things I want to do. The agency doesn’t ban dating explicitly, but I feel that they don’t want us to date.”
MINO said, “I want to have much experience, but realistically speaking, it’s impossible. So, I believe the right thing to do is focus when you need to focus. When you’re distracted, you can’t accomplish anything.”
BOBBY and MINO released songs as solo artists and as a project group. BOBBY released “HOLUP!” on September 7, and the next day, MINO released his solo single “BODY”. Drawing on the momentum created, BOBBY and MINO released “HIT ME” and “FULL HOUSE” as a sub-unit on September 9.