Lee Yeon Hee Reveals Her Previously Negative Feelings About Her Career

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Lee Yeon Hee recently revealed that she had gone through a severe slump in the July 2 episode of tvN’s travel variety show “Island Trio 2.”
While going on a walk through the trees with Kang Ho Dong, she poured her heart out and revealed her inner thoughts. After Kang Ho Dong jokingly asked her when she knew she was so pretty, she honestly replied, “I don’t think I’ve really thought that before. I realized I could continue being a celebrity only recently.”
She continued to say, “I thought I had to stop this line of work because I believed I was untalented. I was going through a slump. But after thinking about it, many people still continue to seek me out, so I realized I could continue.”
Thankfully, Lee Yeon Hee was able to overcome her slump and now shows a bright image on the show.
tvN’s “Island Trio 2” airs Monday night at 11 p.m. KST.
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