Lee Jonghyun: hoping CNBLUE to enlist together

CNBLUE recently released their 6th album in Japan and when being asked about military service, they hope to enlist military service together.

CNBLUE’s Jonghyun recently received an interview and being asked about the military service: “I have discussed with brother Yonghwa. If is possible, I hope the member able to enlist in the military service together. I did not force the younger brothers to follow but we often discuss this starting from last few years.”

Recently Yonghwa said: “You must be responsible for your decision. CNBLUE is not a dance group so we are not able to remove any of us. If it did not work, we might be returning after 4 years.”
Lee Jong Hyun then said everything is still in discussion and they still not sure whether the company will support the view. (ps: he even said maybe the company will hate our suggestion)


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