Lee Jong Suk And Han Hyo Joo Have A Sizzling Reunion For Dazed

Actor Lee Jong Suk and actress Han Hyo Joo recently showcased a different kind of chemistry through a fashion magazine photoshoot with Dazed Magazine!
On October 18, fashion magazine Dazed released images of Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo, who were previously co-stars in the popular drama “W.”

The released photoshoot images reveal the actors showing a different kind of chemistry and appeal from their previous drama. Both stars are dressed in casual styles for one image and leather jackets for the other image while exuding a sexy charm in both.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk has been confirmed to star in the upcoming film “VIP,” while Han Hyo Joo is currently taking some time off.
Re-watch their amazing chemistry in the first episode of “W” below! Source (1)


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