Kim YoungKwang Profile: A Rising Actor Part Of The ‘Model Avengers’

Kim YoungKwang is a rising actor.
Kim YoungKwang first debuted as a model and worked for famous designers. He then turned into an actor and starred in movies and dramas. His popularity rose especially after appearing in “Good Doctor” (2013), “Pinocchio” (2014), and “Sweet Stranger and Me” (2016). He also joined some TV shows as a guest such as “Law of the Jungle”. He also received awards for his acting at several times.
Here is his profile. Kim YoungKwang Profile
Years Active: 2006-
Kim YoungKwang’s Instagram
Kim YoungKwang
Birthday: 1987.1.11
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 70kg
Family: An older sister
Specialty: Modelling
Academic Status: Hanyang University, Theather and Film Department
Debut: 2006 as a model
Kim YoungKwang’s Instagram, Kim YoungKwang’s Twitter Movie:
2012 – Runaway Cop (Minor Role)
2014 – Hot Young Bloods (Major Role)
2018 – Wonderful Ghost (Major Role)
– On Your Wedding Day (Major Role) Drama: 
2008 – Worlds Within (Minor Role)
2009 – Triple (Minor Role)
– My Fair Lady (Minor Role)
2010 – More Charming By the Day (Minor Role)
2011 – White Christmas (Major Role)
– Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (Major Role)
2012 – Love Rain (Minor Role)
– Can We Get Married? (Minor Role)
2013 – The Secret of Birth (Minor Role)
– Good Doctor (Minor Role)
2014 – Plus Nine Boys (Major Role)
– Pinocchio (Major Role)
2015 – Dr. Ian (Major Role)
– D-Day (Major Role)
2016 – Gogh, The Starry Night (Major Role)
– Sweet Stranger and Me (Major Role)
2017 – Lookout (Major Role)
2018 – Room Nine (Major Role) – upcoming Music Video: 
Shin HyeSung’s “It’s You”
Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry”
Brown Eyed Soul’s “You”
KARA’s “Runaway” White Christmas Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Good Doctor Plus Nine Boys Pinocchio Dr. Ian D-Day Gogh, The Starry Night Sweet Stranger and Me Lookout Interesting Facts
He is part of the ‘Model Avengers’ with model turned actors: Kim WooBin, Lee SooHyuk, Hong JongHyun and SungJoon. Read More : Park BoYoung And Kim YoungKwang Are The Sweetest Couple For “On Your Wedding Day”


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