Kim Soo Mi Reveals She Cut Her Hair With Sewing Scissors Because of Malicious Comments

Kim Soo Mi shed tears during the production briefing of “Looking Back at Me,” when she recalled how she felt after reading malicious comments online.
When asked about her feelings regarding Jang Dong Min‘s departure from the program, Kim Soo Mi responded, “I couldn’t sleep a wink last night.”
She shared that she read a malicious comment wondering why she was even cast on the show. “They were the scariest comments I’ve seen during my time in the entertainment industry.”
She also said that she now understands why celebrities commit suicide because of malicious comments. “I thought to myself that I couldn’t live like this. I was able to understand why my juniors would commit suicide because of malicious comments. In the end, I took out sewing scissors and cut my hair.”
She continued, “I hope that whoever wrote those comments will apologize when they see this article.”
Meanwhile, “Looking Back at Me” is a reality program aimed to encourage self-reflection through looking at oneself through the eyes of others.
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