K-Pop Idols Who Are Waiting For University Acceptance or Already Got Ones

K-Pop is and has been for a while an entertainment platform enjoyed by people from all over the world. But which idols and stars have the attention of the fans back at home?  According to ‘spss 22.0 ver’, a program designed to accurately take surveys, the results of favorite idols and stars chosen by current university students of South Korea revealed something interesting. Megastars such as BTS and EXO surprisingly didn’t make it on the list. Of course, the fact that their fanbase consists mainly of teenagers and overseas fans is also something that should be taken account of. And university students may have a tendency to favor artists and stars that have a more traditional vibe to them. Nevertheless, here are the top five K-stars chosen by South Korea’s university students. 1 IU
Since not all South Korean K-Pop fans are all about flashy choreography or heartthrob visuals, it’s only natural that IU would be on the list. Her charming persona and songwriting have won the hearts of fans through hard work and experience.
2 Yoon JongShin
The veteran singer-songwriter and producer is also a widely known television persona as well. His recent hit single ‘Like It‘ has also been an unexpected success as well. 
3 Park HyoShin
As mentioned before, K-Pop doesn’t always mean bubbly girls and heartthrob guys dressing up while performing flashy choreography with extravagant lightings. It also has its signature sound through ballads. Singer Park HyoShin is one of the few artists left that continue to carry on that tradition.
Official Park HyoShin Homepage
4 Big Bang
The veteran boy band continues to remain loved by fans of all ages. They may not be as active as the younger K-Pop boy bands but they still maintain a strong prominence and popularity amongst fans back at home.
YG Entertainment
5 Min KyungHoon
Possessing a classy image that defines South Korea’s alpha male, Min KyungHoon’s status as a singer is widely popular amongst South Korean fans. 
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August 11, 2017 BTS’s Jin showed off his perfect visual on his university graduation photos. On July 22th, Jun graduated Konkuk University film major. Jin was known to have got offer from management company when he was a freshman in university. His visual is on somewhat different level. In the graduation photos, Jin gives off warm charm with gentle smile. Also he added elegant charm here with black suit and graduation cap.
Jin posted on his twitter, “Happy to share everything with you. Thank you, ARMY.”. All the members of BTS celebrated him and it was broadcasting through V App. So he can check out how fans celebrate him. Actually, BTS’s Jin couldn’t attend his graduation ceremony due to his award schedule. Instead of it, considerate members planned fake ceremony together. How warm! 
Fans reacted, “Celebrate my Jin! Hope your future bright”, “Too handsome to believe it’s graduation photos.”. Let’s check out his amazing graduation photos below. @byw5508


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June 7, 2017 Bet you imagine ‘If my university colleagues look just like ChanYeol…” That fancy become real!  A fan of EXO posted some photos which include ChanYeol sitting on the chair on Instagram. To EXO’s fans, it is quite known that SuHo of EXO are attending classes at InHa graduate university. However, ChanYeol’s last academic career has known as Kyung Hee Cyber university until these photo were released. According to netizens, ChanYeol went to school in order to do team project given from InHa graduate university. As you can see from the photos, ChanYeol also bought cups of coffee for their teammates. How sweet! Lots of fans are envy for teammates while saying like “I would do everything for my teammates if my teammate looks like ChanYeol” or “I wouldn’t focus on doing my things due to his presence”.  Nate Pann

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