JaeJoong Talks About How He Was Sexually Harassed When Sasaengs Broke Into His Bedroom

Former TVXQ member Kim JaeJoong, who is now active as a JYJ member, recently talked about how he was victimized by sasaeng fans on multiple occasions.
During an epsidoe of Japanese TV show ‘Gyoretsuno Dekiru Horitsu Sodanjo‘, Masaki Sugano talked about how he was hugged by three middle-aged female fans while saying “If an older man had hugged a younger woman, it probably would have been considered as sexual harassment”, as he seemed to be expressing how discomforting it was for him during the time of the incident.
JaeJoong then sympathized with the Japanese star and stated that he also had similar experiences.
As we all know, there’s a substantial amount of sasaeng fans out to make JaeJoong’s life uncomfortable, dating back to his earlier days in TVXQ.
JaeJoong stated
“Many fans broke into my bedroom in the middle of the night while I was asleep. I found them on top of me, doing things that I cannot say in detail on TV.”
Many of the Japanese stars and hosts present screamed at the thought of it happening.
While K-Pop agencies are gradually doing more to deal with sasaeng fans, many fans have criticized agencies that they are not doing enough to actually have any effect in stopping sasaengs becoming problematic to idols. Read More : IZ*ONE vs. CLC, Fans Talk About Song That Was Originally Intended For Latter


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