iKON Reveals Australia Tour Making Film… Scheduled to Release Year-End Repackage Album + New Song

 iKON shared their passion with the fans through their first-ever concert in Sydney, Australia.On November 18 at 4 PM, YG Entertainment revealed the second making film of iKON’s concert in Sydney, Australia through their official social media. The video contained iKON spending meaningful time such as visiting the Opera House prior to the beginning of their concert. iKON visited Featherdale Wildlife Park and arrived in Circular Quay, which took approximately a 1-hour drive. The members saw the Opera House, Australia’s landmark, and revealed their excitements by stating, “This is the Opera House we’ve seen from the movies”. JAY shared his gratitude towards the fans by stating, “When would we be able to come to Sydney and see the Opera House? It’s because you brought us here”. The members made memories by taking photos while BOBBY and CHAN greeted a fan passing by while doing a situational theater on the spot. DK expressed his thrill while eating dinner with the members by stating, “I thought they (Australian people) wouldn’t recognize them. It’s cool that a lot of people do”. SONG stated, “I was tired of the 10-hour flight, but it’s good to be outside”, while B.I shared his first impression on Sydney by stating, “I really like Sydney”. On the date of iKON’s Sydney concert, many local fans lined up for 3 hours to watch iKON perform. The fans greeted iKON with slogans that read, ‘We’ll Shine You, iKON’ and ‘iKON is My Life We Promise”.After finishing the concert, JAY shared his thoughts by stating, “We had a good experience and a good concert”. B.I stated, “The reactions were more heated than ever. I didn’t know everyone at the standing seats would jump together. It’s been a while since I jumped until my legs are giving out”. iKON held their first-ever concerts in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia last month on the 25th amd 27th, respectively. They continued to communicate with global fans by holding concerts in Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, and Manila. They will perform in Jakarta today then hold another concert in Hong Kong on the 25th. Next year on January 6, iKON will start the new year by holding the ‘iKON CONTINUE TOUR ENCORE IN SEOUL’ in Seoul to decorate the finale of the CONTINUE TOUR, which was held in many parts of the globe. After establishing themselves as the music chart influencers by releasing ‘LOVE SCENARIO’, ‘KILLING ME’, and ‘GOODBYE ROAD’, iKON will release a repackage album and pass on their special present for the fans.