If SM Idols Were 2018 SoundCloud Rappers

Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, the late XXX Tentacion, and the whole gang. It’s 2018 and you’ve most likely either heard of them or their music at some point in your life. Screaming repetitive yet somehow strangely catchy hooks while mumbling jibberish throughout the verses of the song seem to be the hottest trend these days in hip-hop music.
And, of course, we can’t leave out the visuals. Cornrows and dreads dyed in wild colors that look as if they haven’t been washed in weeks.
Here are a few guesses of how SM idols might look if they went for a SoundCloud rapper career. WinWin (NCT)
He looks a little too clean to be a SoundCloud rapper. His flawless white skin and perfectly trimmed brows, it’s impossible not to fall instantly in love with NCT’s WinWin.
Kai (EXO)
Kai actually looks like he’d be able to spit out some lines impromptu. He definitely pulled off the look really well and could pass for an Asian SoundCloud rapper sensation.
HeeChul (Super Junior)
Although the photo is a bit outdated, it doesn’t look too far off from some of the wild rapper hairstyles we are able to see today.
TaeMin (SHINee)
The color scheme of his hair and eyes is absolutely gorgeous. They blend perfectly well with his skin tone and the hair is definitely a trend most rappers today are donning.
The Celebrity
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