Height Difference Chemistries Of Different Male K-Pop Idol Groups

The majority of all K-Pop idol groups have both tall and short members.
And despite the big height difference between some of the members of male K-Pop idol groups, their bromance chemistries are impeccable and pleasing on the eyes.
Below are our favorites!
RM & JiMin (BTS)
Standing 180 cm tall, RM flaunts great physique and presence. Standing 173 cm tall, JiMin flaunts great body ratio that allows him to look a lot taller than he really is. ARMY just can’t get enough of these two.
Twitter Kang Daniel & Ha SungWoon (Former Wanna One)
Physical genius Kang Daniel and group’s precious little one Ha SungWoon are adorable to see when they are together. Many assume that Daniel is the older one, but he is in fact two years younger than SungWoon.
cloudinluv ChanYeol & D.O (EXO)
The two EXO members are the same age and have been best buddies since forever. Their brotherly love for one another always makes the hearts of EXO-L’s flutter.
SIRIUS_C SungJae & EunKwang (BTOB)
EunKwang, the oldest of the group, often behaves like the younger brother of SungJae.
Cube Entertainment Shownu & KiHyun (MONSTA X)
Fans of MONSTA X just love to see these two together as they look like the group’s couple.
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