Hacker Asks For Photo Of Fan’s Breasts In Promise To Return 24K’s Instagram Account

K-Pop idol group 24K‘s instagram account has recently been hacked.
The hacker has also revealed the reasons why he hacked the group’s account while also harassing fans online. According to the group’s agency, 24K’s Instagram account was hacked on January 8th. As many fans who visited the page saw, all of the posts were deleted and replaced by the hacker’s contents.
The motive behind the hacking was revealed to have been money.
Moments after the hacking, the Instagram account was “sold” to a Turkish person, who harassed fans by saying that they should not follow “those Korean groups” and focus more on their studies.
When a fan asked the person to return the account back to 24K and to their agency, the person replied that he would if the fan sent a picture of her breasts.
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