Gong Seung Yeon evokes her performance with his sister Twice Jungyeon

Recently, the actress Gong Seung Yeon made a photo session with BNT Magazine.
[Interview ] she mentions in particular his relationship with his sister Jungyeon which is part of the group Twice.
The two sisters co-animent the Inkigayo alongside actor Kim Min Suk.

“I was really surprised the first day, but I’m starting to understand the workings of the show. I mentally prepare myself for each issue because it is broadcast live,”she said. She did not know that it should be a performance with her sister when they first. “My mother was particularly happy. However, it was really chaotic because it was live, so we could not really enjoy the fact of having sung together. We will continue to work hard.”
She also talked about his recent projects which “Master: God of Noodles” and also shared some anecdotes of shooting, as well as his desire to play a character villain in the future.


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