Face-off between violent investigator and ruthless psychopath

Face-off between violent investigator and ruthless psychopath
by tineybeanie

The third teaser is out for Bad Detective (aka Less Than Evil), which airs beginning next week. Shin Ha-kyun (Pied Piper) plays the titular character in this Korean adaptation of the British crime-drama series Luther. Basically, he’ll play this suavely dressed detective named Woo Tae-seok, who always exudes an undercurrent of rough grittiness with his violent ways. The teaser shows Shin Ha-kyun rescuing a child from a crime scene. It also gives us a look at the interesting dynamic between him and Lee Seol (After the Rain), a teenage psychopath who may or may not have killed her own family. She confronts him saying, “Woo Tae-seok, I heard you were a bad detective.”
Lee Seol is not too far off in her assessment because despite being a member of the law enforcement community, he’s a morally ambiguous character. At one point, he states: “I don’t treat criminals like humans.” It’s the beginning of a strange partnership that forms between them to catch more criminals, and the teaser ends with Lee Seol claiming that she could probably kill off a whole bunch people for Shin Ha-kyun.
Others shown in the teaser include Park Ho-san (The Guest, The Ghost Detective) and Kim Gun-woo (Live). Park Ho-san plays a rival to Shin Ha-kyun’s character. Meanwhile Kim Gun-woo plays a man who hides his instinctual urges as a serial killer under a mask of righteousness, living a double life as a prosecutor.
Monday-Tuesday MBC drama Bad Detective begins on December 3.

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