Exciting 1st Teaser for new drama The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited for the new drama The Smile Has Left Your Face starring Seo In Guk (Shopping King Louie) & Jung So Min (Because This is My First Life).  So much that I have been stalking TvN Drama on Youtube just waiting for that first glimpse of the drama.  Finally, all the stalking paid off as we get an intense vibed 1st teaser.
The Smile Has Left Your Face is the story of murder, cover-ups, and a possible killer, a sexy sous chef played by Seo In Guk. He’s a sexy chef who begins dating the sister of a cop who is investigating a string of murders. I am just thrilled that Seo In Guk gets to stretch his acting skills and play a complex, possible bad guy character this time around.

The cast is complete with Park Sung Woong (Life on Mars) playing a suspicious cop & brother. He begins investigating the suspicious death of his fiance and finds the main suspect going after his younger sister. Is our sexy sous chef really innocent or is he playing some kind of warped psychological murder game? I can’t wait to find out.

The Smile Has Left Your Face begins airing September 26th on TvN.  Will you be watching?


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