DIA Jung Chaeyeon has she ever had plastic surgery ?

DIA (and I.O.I) Jung Chaeyeon proved for the less honest on a subject usually quite sensitive, cosmetic surgery.
July 12 of MBC variety show, “Video Star”, Park Na Rae and Kim Sook revealed a picture of childhood of the young Idol.

Visibly embarrassed by this straight exit picture of its past, Jung Chaeyeon said finally: “I was young, but I was genuinely overweight. While at the time of this photo, I was 64 kilos, I weigh now 48 kilos.”
Kim Sook then asked: “is that you have undergone an operation for your double eyelids?“, and Jung Chaeyeon replied candidly: “no, but I redid my nose in contrast. My double eyelids appeared naturally when I was in college,”the young singer surprising about the world by his unexpected honesty.

Jung Chaeyeon has gained tremendously in popularity through the show “Produce 101″ and the group I.O.I. Currently occupied by its promotions with DIA, and recently appeared in the new MV of Heechul (Super Junior) and Jungmo (TRAX).
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