BTS Criticized For ‘Fake Love’ Performance During MGA 2018

BTS may be the biggest K-Pop idol group in history, but it seems that there are always some people who are out to get them in any way they can.
It’s also not the first time. Back when they performed DNA for the first time during the 2017 AMA’s, many criticized their ability to perform live. While most of the criticism back then were from non-Koreans, this time, it’s actually South Korean netizens who are expressing their disappointment and criticisms towards the global superstars.
Just recently on November 6th, the idol group performed a keyboard rendition of ‘Fake Love’ with pop star and singer-songwriter Charlie Puth.
While the South Korean media was all over the collaborative performance and the hype was real, the reaction from some netizens after the performance was quite the opposite. Some stated that the idol group lacked professionalism while others expressed disbelief in how unstable their vocal performance was.
In short, the performance failed to live up to the hype for some people and they are being very vocal about it at the moment.
Do you agree with them? Was their performance really that awful?
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