Blockbuster action drama Prometheus loses Ha Ji-won, Jin Gu, Park Ki-woong

Blockbuster action drama Prometheus loses Ha Ji-won, Jin Gu, Park Ki-woong
by tineybeanie

Uh-oh. Things don’t look too good for planned MBC action drama Prometheus. This drama has been plagued with a bunch of production issues since its conception in 2016. Initially, it was backed by KBS, but (possibly due to the high cost of production) it was dropped and subsequently picked up by MBC. Originally, Prometheus was slated for broadcast in 2018, but the air date has been pushed back to “sometime next year.” The latest controversial news state that its three lead actors have dropped out of the project.
They had such a good cast too… Ha Ji-won (Hospital Ship), Jin Gu (Untouchable), and Park Ki-woong (Return) were going to play the main characters in what was supposed to be the next big action blockbuster drama about a palpable nuclear threat resulting from the tense North-South Korea relationship. However, they have reportedly all dropped out for personal reasons.
Gah, I’m hoping the Prometheus team recovers from these misfortunes though, because their vision was awesome. Kidnapped North Korean nuclear scientists, an international race to rescue them first, and possible Hollywood stars as cast members—that would be amazing! It’s just very expensive, it’s 30 billion Korean won-expensive (roughly 26 million dollars). So, there seems to be speculation that it is a high risk-high reward project that a lot of people don’t want to become involved with because of the high possibility for failure.
For now, MBC has stated that they will announce an official statement about their resolution on the three main cast members suddenly dropping out. In the meantime, the production team has been screening, through an open audition system, to cast both rookies and experienced actors for various roles in Prometheus.
Fingers crossed that it will actually be broadcast next year!
Via JoyNews, Newsen