Akdong Musician Rank #2 on Billboard’s World Album Chart!

The brother and sister duo, Akdong Musician, once again showed the immense popularity their songs among music lovers. On April 18, Billboard’s Wold Album Chart recorded Akdong Musician’s debut album, “Play,” as second on the chart. First on the chart was the all-female Irish group, Celtic Woman‘s “Emerald: Music Gems.”

The success of “Play” is quite impressive for the brother and sister duo as all the songs were produced by older brother Lee Chan Hyuk. Oh, did we mention that older brother Lee Chan Hyuk is only 17 years old, while younger sister Lee Soo Hyun is only 14 years old?

Perhaps it’s the amazing bond between family that allowed the vocals of the brother and sister to compliment each other, but Akdong Musicians have clearly displayed how music can be fun and enjoyable. Furthermore, the group’s title song, “200%” has been topping the music charts, as the song is currently (as of April 18 KST) ranked number one on six different music charts. 
We hope to hear more great music from the duo!
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