Actor Kim MinKyu Brings Laughter To Viewers Of TvN Drama “Mama Fairy And The Woodcutter”

Actor Kim MinKyu acts as Park ShinSeon in the drama “Mama Fairy And The Woodcutter” (tvN 2018).
This drama is based on a webtoon and it started to air on November 5th. Sun OkNam (Moon ChaeWon and Go DooShim) is a fairy that lost her wings, she became a barista while waiting for the woodcutter’s reincarnation – her dead husband – for 699 years. She meets two men (Yoon HyunMin and Seo JiHoon) by destiny and the drama starts. For more information and pictures of the drama and webtoon, you can check our cast and summary, here.
Park ShinSeon (a minor character of the drama) is an immortal that brings much laughter to the public with his actions and look. Teacher Goo (An GilKang), Fairy Oh (Hwang YoungHee), and him form the immortal trio that brings fun to the viewers of the drama. The man has an unpredictable fashion that no one can understand and an interesting way of speaking.
In the latest episodes, the trio went through harsh times while leaving the countryside -where they live- to go to Seoul to meet Sun OkNam.
They were not able to take the right train to Seoul and ended up in Mokpo station (in the opposite direction of Seoul). There, they had many issues starting by the fact that their wallet was stolen. The group was in despair and their episodes make the viewers giggle.
Here are some pictures of the hilarious character.
The actor Kim MinKyu had a drastic fashion transformation for the role.
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Neos Entertainment
You can follow the actor on his SNS.
Viewers are curious about the upcoming episodes of Park ShinSeon and the trio.
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