7 Female Idols That Made A Fortune To Last A Lifetime During Their Teenage Years

The number of teenagers who are able to earn a fortune to last their entire lifetime is increasing these days. Through startup business ideas, stocks, and of course, even through Bitcoin.
And there’s also another way to do it as well. Become famous!
Industry insiders and statistics show that the success of an idol’s career and prospects of continued future success are decided between during their teenage years and early twenties.
Here are seven female idols who earned a fortune by making it big during their teenage years. Suzy
At the age of seventeen, Suzy debuted as a member of the now disbanded girl group Miss A in 2010. She’s appeared in multiple drama series, television CF’s, cosmetics and fashion ads as well. Simply put, she has money to burn.
The SM Entertainment idol debuted at the age of thirteen and dominated the K-Pop scene for nearly a decade in both South Korea and Japan. She purchased a building for $1 Million in 2006 when she turned twenty years old. The building now is estimated to be worth around $3 Million.
SM Entertainment
Kang JiYoung
JiYoung debuted in 2008 as a member of the now disbanded girl group KARA. The girl group raked in $68 Million in just one year after touring Japan in 2011.
HyeRi debuted in 2010 at the age of seventeen as a member of Girls Day. It may have taken the girl group to achieve mainstream commercial success, but nevertheless ended up hitting it big in 2014. On top of her earnings from Girls Day, she also made a few million through television CF’s.
At the age of eighteen, YoonA joined a girl group that would become one of the most successful K-Pop acts in history. Her personal earnings through solo celebrity activities outside of Girls’ Generation was also massive. She earned $4 Million in just three months in 2012.
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She first appeared in the K-Pop scene in 2008 at the age of sixteen. She saw success with every music release afterward. While her copyrights with other artists’ music combined with her own alone is enough to last a lifetime, she has earned even more from television CF’s and various other endorsement deals.
Like YoonA, SeoHyun debuted as a member of Girls’ Generation at the young age of seventeen and reaped the massive fruits of labor that came after the immense success of the SM Entertainment girl group.
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