6 K-Pop Idols Who Play Musical Instruments

These 10 male idols aren’t just taking over the K-Pop stage, they’ve also ventured into the world of musical theatre and are totally killing it! They’re great at singing, dancing, performing, and they look good doing it. So why not take that talent over to the grand stages of musical theatre? Well, these 10 handsome studs did just that. Not only did they make a name for themselves in the K-Pop arena, they’ve ventured out into the musical territories, and they’ve received nothing but praises.
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Check out our chart of 10 male K-Pop idols who are making it big in the musical industry. 10th – BTOB’s ChangSeob
ChangSeob debuted as a idol of BTOB in 2012, and it took him a while but he’s finally made his debut as a musical actor. His first and only role so far is the main lead on “Boys Over Flower”. Thanks to his already-famous vocal abilities, he’s made a great first impression in the industry. He’s shown his fans a new side of himself as he becomes more charismatic and series in the musical – but we know he just can’t hide his true self! Cube Entertainment

etre conquis
GIF 9th – BLOCK B’s UKwon
If you thought that this dance machine of BLOCK B only knew how to dance on stage, the idol performs just as well on a musical stage. He made his debut as Elvis Presley in late 2014 to early 2015. He recently returned to the stage last year for “In the Heights”.
Nate Pann

Brave U
8th – B1A4’s CNU
CNU debuted in 2011 as a member of B1A4, and made his first debut as a musical artist in 2015 with “Chess”. Since then he’s appeared in “The Three Musketeers”, and will be appearing in 2017’s “Hamlet”.
precious CNU

7th – BTOB’s EunKwang
EunKwang made his musical debut early on in 2013 with “Monte Cristo” and “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store”. With his famous vocal abilities, many praised him for his work. However, he focused on his career as an actor more than a musical thespian for the past 4 years. Good news for all EunKwang fans! He’ll be returning to stage this year for “Hamlet”!
Always you

“Monte Cristo” Musical

Advertise. 6th – VIXX’s Ken
VIXX Ken began his career in 2015 with “Chess” with a main role, and continued onto “Cinderella” in 2016 and “Boys Over Flowers” in 2017 – all main male lead roles!
Ken Smile

“Boys Over Flower” Musical
5th – VIXX’s Leo
VIXX’s Leo is another member who’s big in the musical stage. He made his musical debut in 2014 with “Full House”. He’s continued his career with “Mata Hari” and “Monte Cristo”. He received high praises for executing the high notes flawlessly in “Mata Hari”.
Opus Leo

“Monte Cristo” Musical
4th – 2AM’s JoKwon
JoKwon’s best known for taking on extravagant roles in various musicals, while performing flawlessly. He’s made his debut in 2013 with “Jesus Christ Superstar”, and continued on to perform “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”, “Chess”, “On A Starry Night” and more!
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“Jesus Christ Super Star”

Advertise. 3rd – HIGHLIGHT’s Yang YoSeob
HIGHLIGHT’s YoSeob launched his musical career in 2011 with “Musical Sonata”. He’s been in countless amounts of critically acclaimed plays, such as “Full House”, “Zorro”, “Robin Hood”, “Cinderella” and more. He will be taking on a new role this year in “The Days”.

2nd – Super Junior’s KyuHyun
KyuHyun’s a name you can’t leave out when listing famous musical idols. He’s started his career in 201 with “The Three Musketeers”, where he played the role of D’Artagnan. Ever since, he’s been a male lead or second male lead in 7 different types of plays.

1st – JYJ’s XIA JunSu
XIA Junsu tops our list for selling out the most seats as a K-Pop idol turned musical actor. He made his musical debut in 2010 with “Mozart!” and has put on a show every year, varying between 7 different kinds of works. He’s also won an award in the musical field every year since his very first awards as “Best New Actor”, “Most Popular Actor”, and “Ticket Power Award – Musical Actor” for his debut project. He’s working hard for his mandatory military duties at the moment, but his last work before he enlisted was none other than his popular musical piece, “Death Note”.

“Death Note” Musical



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