5 Things That Red Velvet Irene Cannot Stand

Red Velvet member Irene may be a K-Pop goddess, but she too also has things that she dislikes and cannot stand like everyone else.
In fact, you’d actually be surprised by the things that she dislikes as most of them are things that are enjoyed by many people.
Check out the five things that Irene dislikes below! #1 Beer
She absolutely hates beer. The K-Pop idol has stated that even just the smell of beer makes her nauseous.
Instiz #2 Chicken
Yes, she even dislikes chicken. It’s very ironic since chicken and beer is a big thing in South Korea.
MBC #3 Coffee
Seriously? Dislikes coffee? How is this possible? People should opt for tea instead since getting a cup of coffee with Irene doesn’t seem to be an option.
Instiz #4 Height
As many fans may know, Irene has acrophobia, fear of heights. That means no crazy roller coaster rides for her.
Instiz #5 Loud Music
For those who just love blasting music, beware. Irene cannot stand loud music and places.
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