5 Actors That Get Fans Excited With Their First Romantic Comedy

There is plenty of romantic comedy among K-Dramas however not all Korean actors acted in these. Even if it is hard to believe, some top Hallyu stars never acted in a romantic comedy.
They might be good in romance drama with famous kiss scenes and sweet scenes. But, romantic comedy is an all different atmosphere. Fans are/were very excited to watch these actors’ first romantic comedy.
Here are 5 actors that are doing their first romantic comedy. 1- Lee JongSuk
Hard to believe that Lee JongSuk will be starring in his first romantic comedy (as the main lead) only next year in “Romance Supplement” (tvN). The actor is well-known for his great acting skills and awesome visuals. Lee JongSuk’s acting in romance is well-loved by viewers.
HERALD POP 2- Yoon KyunSang
Yoon KyunSang also will be starring in his first romantic comedy in “Clean With Passion For Now” with Kim YooJung. His character is scared of germs and for him cleanliness is more important than his life. In the teaser, the actor seems already funny and many are excited about this new drama.
JTBC 3- Lee DaHee
Lee DaHee is interesting many in her first romantic comedy “The Beauty Inside” currently on air. She is the second lead actress and her cute love line with Ahn JaeHyun is well-loved by viewers.
JTBC 4- Park MinYoung
Park MinYoung was in her first romantic comedy in the drama “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” which was popular this summer. After the drama, she earned the title “Romcom drama queen”.
tvN 5- Esom
Esom has been in a few dramas since her debut. She is currently acting with Seo KangJoon in her first romantic comedy “The Third Charm”. She acts as Lee YoungJae, a girl that is super active and spontaneous.
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