10 Fun K-Pop Songs To Use As Your Next Ringtone

Finding the perfect ringtone can be pretty exhausting, especially if you want to find that perfect K-pop song to hear every time your phone rings. There are just so many great tracks to choose from! If you decide to use one of the songs from our list, don’t be surprised to find yourself in funny situations. Here are some great bops to make you smile on your busiest days.
1. NU’EST – “Hello”
You all saw this one coming, right? It’s impossible to miss the 2013 NU’EST hit from our list, as we finally got a chance to properly learn how to pick up the phone in Korea. [embedded content]
2. “Produce 101” – “Pick Me”
If you want to send yourself a clear message, stick with the iconic song from “Produce 101.” If tons of girls are begging you to get up and pick up the phone, there’s only one thing you can do.
[embedded content]
3. SHINee – “Ring Ding Dong”
A true classic that always works. No matter the situation, “Ring Ding Dong” is sure to lighten up the mood when your phone rings. But be careful, this elastic fantastic song could get stuck in your head for the whole day after the call!
[embedded content]
4. EXO – “Call Me Baby”
A perfect choice, if you are impatiently waiting for that call from a certain very important person. Sitting by the phone will do you no good, but it’s okay to get excited when you finally hear Kai’s voice.
[embedded content]
5. 4MINUTE – “Crazy”
If you happen to have a boss who calls you a lot and makes you nervous every time, “Crazy” might be the best song for you. Your ringtone will let you know when they want something from you, so you’ll have a bit more time to prepare your soul.
[embedded content]
6. BTS – “Danger”
There are some phone calls we just really don’t want to pick up. To avoid any awkward conversations, the boys of BTS are here to warn us about our most dangerous contacts.
[embedded content]
7. TWICE – “Knock Knock”
The people on the other side of the line might not knock on your door, but they are still there to talk to you. It’s only fair if the TWICE girls give you notice of your new “visitors.”
[embedded content]
8. VIXX – “On and On”
If you want your friends and family to look at you in a weird way, just skip to the “I need therapy” part of “On and On” and they will definitely question your sanity. It still makes a catchy ringtone, though!
[embedded content]
9. Girl’s Day – “Ring My Bell”
Again, not everything has to be taken literally, but “Ring My Bell” is a song that could work perfectly as the ringtone for your new crush. Is a phone call really too much to ask for?
[embedded content]
10. BLACKPINK – “Boombayah”
It’s so hard to choose the most fitting song for your squad, but “Blackpink in your area” is an excellent way to let yourself know that your besties are looking for you. You really just need to pump up the jam after the call!
[embedded content]
What is your K-pop ringtone at the moment? Let us know in the comments below!
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