About Us

DaebakKpop is a visual social network focussing on the Korean pop culture (KPOP). As KPOP has quickly become a global trend in music, variety shows, dramas and fashion, DaebakKpop strives to make it easier and fun for our users to discover, collect and share their favourite trending events in the KPOP world.

Why you join DaebakKpop?

As a content contributor, you can easily curate any KPOP images and videos into engaging social media channels to share with your fellow KPOP lovers. You can earn recognition for your contribution and build yourself your own fanbase of supporters as a social KPOP leader!

As a reader, you can discover the most important KPOP events and get other K-Pop fan's perspective on topics that matter to you. Get all the latest KPOP updates in your customized boards and engage with other KPOP experts and meet people who enjoy KPOP just like you!

As an organization or brand, you can create boards for your artists and share inspiring stories with your fans all over the world!